Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac

Covers those born between June 21 and July 22. This sign is symbolized by the Crab, encapsulating Cancer’s ability to exist both in emotional and material realms. Cancers are known for their intuitive and nurturing characteristics. Here’s a detailed overview maintaining the requested format:

Basic Personality Traits



Zodiac Element: Water

Cancer is a water sign, which speaks to their ability to navigate both the material and emotional realms. Water signs are deeply intuitive and sensitive, able to pick up on the energies around them. This element reflects Cancer's innate ability to feel deeply and their desire for emotional security and connection.

Ruled by the Moon, the celestial body that represents comfort, self-care, and maternal energies, Cancer’s moods and fortunes can often seem as changeable as the lunar cycle. The Moon's influence makes Cancers highly sensitive to their environments, as well as to the feelings of those around them.Cancer’s combination of intuition, emotional depth, and nurturing spirit makes them profound caretakers and friends, often the glue that holds people together.