Join Us

We are looking to add talented girls to our team as we are already beginning to receive a number of inquiries.

What we look for in girls:

  • Experience
  • We know this is not a career but we expect you to approach it like a business
  • Willingness to work an 6 hour shift
  • Zero tolerance for drugs or other addictions
  • Willingness to take a $200.0 call as we will give you priority on the $350.0 plus calls

You will make money working with our agency but your effort will dictate how much you make. If you are looking for a quick fix, please do not waste our time and apply for a job. We only want girls focused on long-term financial and personal success. Because the girls who have that approach easily make over $3,000.0 per week working normal hours and five or six days max.

If you are interested in working with Stars Escorts Agency, please use our contact form:

or just call at 878-212-9786.